Ramon Ross sitting down to a running of General Glen's Combat Rules For Toy soldiers, Russians versus Germans. In this battle, as with most, the MMG turned out to be the big killer - the Germans got their weapon set up first and chewed up the brave Bolsheviks as they charged forwards. The Germans won this one, but it could have gone either way.


3 members of Team Renaissance ganging up on a couple of Team Biohazard's boys - it took all of their firepower to down one of the Biohazard gladiators, and most of the game - the Biohazard Plasma Gunner has hot dice when it came to make those crucial armor saves. Ping!


Sunday morning running of Injurius Games: if you look closely, you will see four Team Renaissance gladiators converging on that aforementioned Plasma Gunner from team Biohazard.


Friday night running of IG: young David McNamee looks glum even before the game begins... can it be that he knows the dice will not favor him tonight? After four hours of gaming, David, who had already played IG, chalked it up to a "character building" exercise - next time he vows to bring his own dice.


An overhead view of the same terrain from the Friday night game. Note that all the buildings and bunkers were provided by Armorcast.


See that guy circled in green? All of the camo guys in the foreground are converging on him.


Same scene, higher angle, nice blue sky in the background. Here, a fourth member of Team Camo has joined in the hunt for the blue Minigunner.


Here is a picture of our massive 8 player game - this is twice as many players as we should have on a table, but due to over-enthusiastic sign-in sheets, we decided to accommodate them all. We expanded the table to accept all 8, and amended the skill upgrade rules to allow gladiators to cash in their Battle Honors as they earned them rather than make tem wait until the end of the match. This made for some serious snowballing Gladiators: they would get a kill, gain some skills or equipment, kill some more, gain more skills and equipment, etc. Ouch.