Welcome to The Continent. This as-yet unnamed body of land is the setting for the D12 Fantasy Skirmish game, and who knows... other Red Shirt Games Fantasy products. Click on the map at right to see a full size rendition of The Continent.

The land mass is roughly the size of Earth's Australia. Two flat plains, crossed North-West to South-East by a high volcanic mountain range. The northern plain is forested and temperate. The southern plain contains a desert and a high plateau. The North-West portion of the continent is a huge bay, thought to be the place where a comet hit the planet aeons ago. The bay is ringed with low mountains, and a crescent-shaped island across the bay confirms the comet crater theory.

The Dwarven nation occupies a large plateau along the south shore of The Continent. Chelio is a coal mine in the center of the plateau, an open affair with succeeding layers going deep into the earth. The first test Game was held here, in a section of the town containing disused mining vehicles. Coal dust hazards made fire magic interesting to watch.

Deep Rock
The Dark Elves hosted the second match in the underground town of Deep Rock. An old underground crypt was opened up and used as the battleground for three parties of warriors: Dwarves, Dark Elves and Lizard People. Angry ghosts and Poltergeists made the action more than interesting.

Eith Bright
The sun-worshipping Lizard People of the Eith Bright desert live reclusive lives in this parched and dusty land. Their aggressive participation in the Arena League came as a surprise to all involved. Eith Bright is an elevated and rocky desert, forming a saddle between the Dwarven plateau to the south and the Gloran Mountains to the North.

The North
The wild North Men live in isolated communities along the North shore of the Continent. Their main contact with other folk used to be their feared longships, which would appear from the mists for lightning raids. Since Empire, these proud people stll raid up and down the coast, but they only count coup and "steal" wives from willing families. The rocky forest in the North was chosen as a site for the first four-way Match, including Dark Elves, Dwarves, Lizard Folk and a group of North Men mercenaries.

Gloran Mountains
This range, several thousand miles long and tens of thousands of feet high, is volcanically active. It is the home of the Dark Elves and their monstrous spider minions.

Hero City
Built by the Emperor in record time, this solid stone city is placed in the exact center of the continent. By Imperial decree, the only industry allowed in the City is to support the League. A full Red Legion has been tasked with keeping the peace. Their initial role of sniffing out rebels has been replaced with peace-keeping duties.

To the south-west of Eith Bright lies the Swamp of Ina-Ata, a saltwater morass where an aquatic species of primitive Lizard People live. Some say the Lizards are leftovers of guardians tasked to protect a holy place that was once on a plateau that sank in some long-forgotten cataclysm to become the swamp.

This island is the home of the Zanemarati, a race of demon-worshipping humans. Not much is known about the place, but rumor has it that it is heavily developed, and is suffering a shortage of natural resources - hence the Zanemarati's desire to expand to the nearly Continent. Just what the resource is that they seek - only time will tell.

The Wood Elves of Kaleria tried to remain aloof from the Emperor's wars of conquest, but he was able to use his Red Legions' might to bring them from hiding for a decisive battle away from their tall trees. After victory, he granted their request to return to their forest and be left alone, provided their tax burden was paid on time. And it has. Since the Elves of Kaleria have not provided any participation in the Arena League, the Emperor has not spared them their tax burden, which is still paid in full every autumn. Individual Kalerian Elves participate in the League as Mercs, but their numbers are few and far between.

The Orx of Luurm are a reclusive race that avoided conquest by the Emperor- because they were conquered by the Dark Elves first. They exist as a slave race to these necromancers but would like nothing better than to throw off their shackles, subjugate the Dark Elves, and take their place in the Empire. Some Orx who evaded the Elves and made homes in the crags of the Gloran mountains, participate in the League as Mercs.


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