Here is a photo of the booth we built at Gen Con.

Is it me, or are the backdrop colors designed to discourage their use?

Our annual Gen Con Injurius Games tournament... click on the thumbnails to view the full photo. Again, this tournament would not have been possible without the able organizational skilz of Derek Flowers, and obviously, the participation of the players. Finally, an honorable mention: Zach Jakubowksi (front row, left in the group photo) did not win, but I am sure he learned one or two things that he will apply when he plays in next years' tournament!



Booth Babes

Our annual fix... check out the ladies we have captured this year. Only women wearing fantasy costumes make this list, so don't feel bad if you were left off the list.

I know, I know. It's a sickness. Calye the Chainmail Girl is once again the first one on the babe list.

This is Calye standing in front of our giant 3:1 scale IG game. Note the 1:18th scale Valar Project booth behind her, in which stands a 1:18th scale Chainmail Girl model of her.

This is not the last you'll see of Calye!

Another one of Chainmail Girl, this time at the Valar Project booth.

Arr! This pirate lass was selling autographed photos of herself to raise money for a trip to California.

She probably raised enough money for a trip to the Moon.

Olga from the Valar Booth.

Tami from Pixie Dust Games. It's a tarot based d20 game of Urban Fantasy.

Actually, this photo is from Origins, but she was at GenCon too! Only I did not manage to photograph her, so I'm re-using this photo.

Um, forgot her name. Also from the Valar Booth.

Name her, and we'll send you a free set of Injurius Games Counters!

By now you must realize the Valar Project booth had several great babes.

Paintcheck the Game. Yup, it's a sim of a sim. A boardgame, where each team tries to outshoot the other team in a game of Speedball.

Hey, guys! Try out our game!

Jennifer Haley.

Thanks to Hunter Johnson for the ID.

An anonymous couple at the con. There were lots of these, wandering the exhibit hall.

Final shot.

We have now seen the end of Calye.


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