Our Annual Post-Christmas Gen Glen game featured Glen, Brad, Mike, Ross, Ian and me, Richard.Basically, Glen and myself collaborate to set up a "too big" game of Gen Glen in his basement.This year we did North Africa, pitting a Panzer IV, 2 Panzer IIs and a Hanomag versus a motley crew composed of a Grant tank, a Stuart, an SAS jeep, and an american jeep. The Krauts also had a 37mm ATG and the Limeys had a 6 pounder ATG.These vehicles were accompanied by dozens of troops on foot, including a section of scottish commandos complete with piper, and for the Axis, a section of Italian Bersaglieri.

The game lasted 8 hours, and in the end, the Allies lost by a score of 180 or so to 150 or so (points were awarded for holding ground on the battlefield).

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Brits rolling out to engage the Germans.

Tank crew that just became poorly-trained infantry.

Controlled Mayhem.

The Sun sets on the British Empire.

Panzer IV aiming right at my own head.

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