Origins 2002

A shot of Derek Flowers' cool Meck squad in - what is that, cornflower blue? - a nice colour. My ultra cool industrial terrain is the backdrop.
More of the same terrain with a youngster who was ripping his grownup oppoent to shreds. See the next pic.
This gentleman is using the periscope to get a good miniature view of the battlefield, but it won't save him from the terror across the table... a lucky kid.
This girl was working at the "Paint and Take" booth, the coolest idea I have seen in a long while. You pay one ticket, and you get your choice of mini to paint, and take away. She had on a different outfit every day. This was the nicest one I saw.
This lady seemed like a normal gamer spouse - one day I met her at the paint and take booth where we were in a 1/2 hour speed painting competition (I won, but her mini was awfully nicely painted). Anyway, next day she had on this very revealing chainmail suit.
I am not wearing a costume, she said to me, but I snapped her picture anyway.
These girls were at Origins the previous year. They work for the company that makes the LOTR card game, among other things.
I'm saving the best for last, my first and only love of the convention scene... Chainmail Girl. Of course, my love is unrequited... and my fiancee thinks it's quite amusing.
So she gave me an autographed trading card with a picture of herself on it... I'll treasure it always.
Here's me on the first day of the convention, looking quite suave and debonair, I must say... or do I look like a big goof?
Yup, big goof it is. Oh well, see you in 2003!


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