Silent Death Downloads

It's all free. Call it our tribute to Silent Death. If there is enough interest, we might get up and ask ICE to let us write a second Drydock book - so let us know!

Hexadecimate. (Advanced Scenario for Silent Death)

  • Take a hex-shaped play area with 6 entry points.
  • Add 2000 points of ships per player, including one warhound.
  • Make them enter the arena at random points.
  • Live the mayhem. Play Hexadecimate.


Snoopy Works Designs

These ships are all based on the premise that if you take two or more Silent Death miniatures and stick them together with some epoxy and wire, you can get a ship that is twice as good! The master of Snoopy Works is Jim Bell - without him, we have no fused ships.

The Trident is a tribute to that cool post-WW2 plane, the Twin Mustang. By fusing two Lance Electra hulls together, a more powerful ship is created. It is built around an experimental weapon, the Mega Bolter. This ship has been playtested extensively and works well against all but swarms of attrition fighters.

The Mighty Beagle is a fusion of Betafort and Eagle - a massively powerful gunboat that was built by cheating on the build rules. It has a new weapon, the "Junior Keel Cannon", and has done much to bring back the "king of the battlefield" feeling you used to get with the poor old tired Betafort.


Drydock II variants

Before ICE went away, we were in the middle of hashing out a contract to produce a book for Silent Death called Drydock II - Weapons of War. This book would have contained a variant for pretty much all of the ships in the game we felt just needed a lift, or some more interesting stats.

The Crescent II is what a smart smuggler would want to fly - same speed as the original Crescent, but more powerful guns, twice as many torps and the torps face backwards, which makes this ship perfect for a running battle.

The Sentry III is another attempt to turn the "iron melon" into a ship that can make a difference. We took a look at its heavy armor and low drive and decided that what it needed were some long range guns to make up for the lack of oomph. A pair of quad autocannons work better on big, heavily armored targets that a can opener.


Hot Wars ships

Another project that dried up on the vine. The Hot Wars was to be a standalone campaign for Silent death set apart from the rest of the Twelve Houses. The basic Silent Death ships would exist in sort of a public domain, but home brewed flavor would be injected by the design of such crowd-pleasing ships as the T-55 Boxer.


The T-55 Boxer is a Larsian Confederation ship, brought in after meticulous testing and trials to replace an aging ship called the T-22 Swan. Armed with Disintegrator and Sext Pulse Lasers, the Boxer can hit small ships with the Pulses, and can crack open big ships with the Disintegrator. Ugly and utilitarian, a lot of Swan pilots disdained the ship, but its usefulness soon brought it its service nickname: the Can Opener.


The Jihad is from the Sultanate of Kalaos. It was designed hand in hand with the Vulture Heavy Fighter and the Roc Carrier to be an integral part of combined arms battles against Lars in their ongoing 50 year war. The Jihad is designed to be used in massive numbers against all sorts of targets, but preferring big, slow ones in order to maximize the use of the mk.30 torps it carries.


Prize Ship Variants

We sort of toyed with the idea of messing a third time with the prize ships - the Piranha, Dolphin, Executioner, Orca and Badger, but resisted the temptation. Instead, take a look at what might have been if ICE had been able to come up with a miniature for the Barracuda.

 The Barracuda was supposed to be the next step in "fish" vessels for the Prize Ship fleet, but it was never to be.