3 to 1 scale resin


They are 5 inches tall, massive, and beautifully detailed. They are three times as tall as the regular IG minis we play with, but really, they are 27 times more massive. Each one of these bad boys weighs about half a pound. No wonder Sabrina, Michel's wife, calls them Big-atures!

Use them for display, as trophies or as game pieces.

Each model is sold separately, and costs $25.00 plus shipping. The only one you can't buy separately is the Squad Leader, but if you buy the other four for $100.00, you get the Squad Leader for free.

To purchase these resin miniatures, go to our Store.

Note that these are high quality resin miniatures - there is no flashing to clean off, and no sprue to break off. We include the miniature, its backpack and weapon, and a base. The box also contains instructions on how best to cut, sand and glue resin cast models.

Below you'll find a picture of each miniature, with a corresponding plastic mini to give you an idea of the size.

To see enlarged photos, click on the thumbnails below.

The 3:1 scale resin miniatures depicted here are painted up in Team Sun's colors. Team Sun hails from Old Nippon, one of the few old-style countries to actually join the New Roman Empire before the Interplanetary Wars.

Ronin, Team Sun

The Squad Leader can't be bought separately - to get him for free, you have to buy the other four members of the team. Pictured here is Ronin, a veteran of the Meck Wars, and survivor of three Orx raids.

Yamabushi, Team Sun

The Grunt is the second in command. He is armed with his trusty Blaster Rifle and Grenade Launcher. His experience against miner revolts and Bugs makes him a natural in the arena.

Pan Lung, Team Sun

The Sniper uses one bullet at a time to score some long distance eliminations. Drawn from a Chiba City SWAT team, Pan Lung has the distinction of having the most on-duty "kills" of any non-military sniper in the Arena League - 14.

Geisha, Team Sun

The Plasma Gunner hurls big green balls of nuclear fire at his enemies from close range. Geisha's "professional" name bear little resemblance to this tough, middle-aged female soldier who served with distinction in the Asteroid Belt during the Meck Wars.

Gomi, Team Sun

The Minigunner blasts off a hundred bullets every time he pulls the trigger. With the right upgrades, he can be the most deadly Gladiator. His teammates say that he is also deadly when his suit comes off - Gomi, unlike most Japanese people, is not what you would call a very clean person.

Team Slosh Beer hails from Old Québec, a part of the old Canadian Union. When Canada and the USA refused to join the New Roman Coalition in the 22nd century, Québec saw an opportunity and seceded from Canada, becoming the first North American entity to join the New Romans.

Tonerre, Team Slosh Beer

Tonerre hails from Gaspé, a coastal area in the east of Old Canada. He is gruff, hard drinking, and has a tendency to get into fights in bars and clubs frequented by Injurius Games gladiators. In the arena, however, Tonerre is fair, strong, and scary as hell.

La Black, Team Slosh Beer

La Black is one of three women on the Slosh Beer squad. She got her name after she was hospitalized for refusing to back down in a beer drinking contest. She won, but alcohol poisoning gave her a close brush with renal failure. She was quoted as saying "Dat dam' Roman wine, she is not so strong as la Black Label!" Black Label was a strong dark beer drunk in Québec in past centuries.

Maudite, Sniper

Hailing from northern Québec, Maudite was a well known hunter and trapper long before she joined the Roman Legions. Even as a child, her long shooting was legendary. She was rumored to have brought down a leaping caribou at 2400 meters with an ancient unscoped 30-30 rifle. Her skills brought her much success in the Legions, and now she fights once again in the arena.

Bleue Lite

Bleue lite is one of only two men on the squad, and the only one to come from outside Québec. Still a french speaker, Bleue Lite hails from Eastern Ontario, close to the Québec border. Bleue Lite is a little crazy, a little odd, but that's normal for a Plasma Gunner. He is credited with inventing the Arcing Fire maneuver during a pitched battle on Neptune.

Belle Gueule

Belle Gueule is possibly the only femal minigun operator in the League. She is rough, tough, ugly, and claims she can drink Orx under the table. Her expert minigun skill has served her well: she is credited with singlehandedly destroying the last Meck Runner factory on Luna during the Meck War.

Team USA is one of only three overtly nationalistic teams in the League (with Brasil and Ireland). Because the USA, Mexico and Canada (except for Québec) joined the New Roman Empire last of all nations, they were made an example of and suffered terribly. Injurius The First quickly saw the error of his ways and granted the North American powers more autonomy than usual for New Roman protectorates - the right to field distinct military units was one of the benefits.

"Uncle" Sam, Team USA

Uncle Sam is the gruff yet endearing leader of the successful Team USA squad. After serving for 20 years in the Asteroid Belt, Sam has perfected his calm, quiet style. He never raises his voice, and no one ever has to make him repeat an order.

Timmy Thompson, Team USA

Timmy is the youngest gladiator to serve in the Arena League. After lying about his age to join the Legions (how do you lie to a DNA test?), he served for two years under Uncle Sam, and left the Legions to stay with his mentor in the Arena. Tim is 18 years old, and a whiz with the Grenade Launcher.

Martha "Widowmaker" Bjornik, Team USA

Martha comes from a long line of Polish immigrants who have occupied a suburb of New York City since the 1800s. She has had to face street gangs, corrupt cops, greedy politicians, and worst of all, packs of feral kids out for blood. Since the New Romans took over, all that is behind her. With her neighborhood safe, Martha has made a name for herself in the Legion. Since meeting Uncle Sam, this fifty-something mother of four has decided her fate was with him: they now serve together in the Arena.


Melvin is a quiet man. No one ever hears him talking. Melvin likes to look at the pretty flames. Only Melvin can see the flames, always there, always dancing to an invisible breeze. Melvin even sees the flames inside his helmet. Sometimes the voices tell him to Burn Them All. He tries to ignore the voice.

Buzz Haircut

Buzz loves to chomp on a cigar while he's working. His bull voice can be heard over the team comnet as belts out those Elvis tunes to the rockin' beat of his Minigun. Buzz was found, drifting in space, by Uncle Sam's team ten years ago. He's been with the Uncle ever since.

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