This is our downloads page. Anything you download here is free, but it's for personal use only. You can get a good idea about how our games work by looking at stuff you download here, but if you really want to get into the game, owning a copy is the only way to go. Look at it this way: if you buy our stuff, we'll be encouraged to make more.

Unless otherwise specified, all the downloads on this page are in Adobe Acrobat format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.

Unit Record Sheets
These sheets are free to download and print for personal use only. Rules are still required to play each separate supplement to the game. Any corrections and additions to the sheets are kept up to date on this download site.
General Glen's WW II Injurius Games

Meck Wars / Meck Wars NEW URS

Space Orx
Phase Spiders Ratz
Reaction Marines
D12 Fantasy Dwarves and Dark Elves D12 Fantasy Demons and Dragons
D12 Fantasy Mercs D12 Fantasy Power-Ups and Quick Reference Sheet
Counters make it much easier to keep track of the status of your gladiators in the field, and of your troops in the trenches. The counters available here are the same ones we sell in our Store.
General Glen's WW II (8.5 x 11 counter sheet)

Injurius Games (8.5 x 11 counter sheet)

Reaction Marines #1 (4 x 6 counter sheet, jpg. format) Injurius Games (4 x 6 counter sheet, jpg. format)
Reaction Marines #3 (4 x 6 counter sheet, jpg. format) Reaction Marines #2 (4 x 6 counter sheet, jpg. format)
D12 Fantasy #1 (4 x 6 counter sheet, jpg. format) D12 Fantasy #2 (4 x 6 counter sheet, jpg. format)
D12 Fantasy #3 (4 x 6 counter sheet, jpg. format)

The 4 x 6 counter sheets are designed to be printed in a photo printer, or at a photo developing shop. The photo machines you find at the drug store are awesome for this work and print off stiff, glossy counters ready to be cut out and used. Just save the files onto a mem stick or CD.

The larger sheets are for the purists, or for those who just prefer larger sheets.


Misc. Downloads
This stuff can be used to dress up your games.
Monster Mash Monster and Rules All the monster stats we use when we run the Monster Mash. It's a hodge-podge of D&D 3.5, D&D Minis and D&D 4.0 rules, extensively playtested, and fun as hell.
Monster Mash Map As used at the cons by Red Shirt Games. Print it off twice on a plotter, 30 x 40 for a 24 player game. Or just print it off once for smaller games.
Cool Futuristic Signs Print off a sheet of these signs to jazz up your futuristic battlefield. Created by Don Ash, another of our creative Injurius Games players.
8 x 8 Grid in 3 inch squares Use this to make your own d12 system mats. Print up 4 times on a plotter, tape together, and you have a surface for all out d12 games!
Starting Zones 4 zone print showing without a doubt where all units are to start. For use with IG and MW.
Square Starting Zones
4 zone print showing an alternate way to set up your Gladiators at the beginning of a match. Check out our Optional Rules section for more details.

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