Origins 2001 - Injurius Games

We ran this game morning and evening every day, and every player who played it liked it, and we figure about 75% really liked or loved it. The game is very dynamic, with the onus on speed of play, simplicity and growth potential. During each match, the rules are simple, allowing players to get into the action with less than 10 minutes learning time. Between matches, the players get to apply upgrades to their gladiators before throwing them back into the fray! This combination of ease of learning and team improvement makes the game very addictive and compelling. Go to Injurius Games Page for more details on the game.


The guys in desert colors had a real mad on for the boys in red, white and blue. The squad leader on the bridge was only the first to charge out for glory - he was also the first to go down.

Same game, overhead view of the opposite corner. Note the woodland camo cloth used for the grid - bought at a cloth store for a bargain price. The terrain is all from Armorcast, by the way.

A far shot of the same game with the red, white and blue guys running towards the far end. Note the Squad Leader from the desert colored team still running after them!

A far shot of another running of IG - much more open terrain. Michel called it his "Temple of Evil Mushrooms"... not sure if the shrooms had any effect on the boys, but we guarantee they all had a good time!

Our 8 player Injurius Games session. We used a bigger mat (5' x 5'), and put in 8 starting positions. We got 'em all filled up, and the carnage was spectacular. Here you see Team Brazil squaring off against Team USA.

Same game, different corner. I (Richard) was running the black and yellow guys for a player who had to leave, and I have to say I sucked - dice just would not come up good. It was bad, but it was fun to play IG at a convention anyway.

The 8 player game from another angle. Note Michel "Meat Grinder" Smith getting ready to turn over another card.

A shot of my "Mercury" terrain for Injurius Games. This terrain is all scratch-built from cardboard and styrofoam, and cost approximately 20 buck for all of it. The mat cost more - it is made of that rubbery stuff you use to stop carpets from sliding around.


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