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Injurius Games is a squad-based table top miniatures game, with all aspects of the game controlled by the use of miniatures, control sheets (called Unit Record Sheets, or URS) and die rolls. The basic rulebook contains all the rules and Unit Record Sheets you'll need to play. In addition to the rules and URSs, you'll need miniatures (see our Store to buy squad packs of 10 gladiators or boxes of 50), some d12s, a card deck, some counters (download the decks and cards from our downloads page) and some terrain to play on. Oh yeah: it's a social game, so you'll also need one, two or three people to play with (or more, if you're hosting a tournament!).

The game uses twelve-sided dice for all die rolls. Most attacks are resolved with one or two rolls of the dice. This system is based on the presmise that gamers want realism, but not at the expense of gameplay and fun. You can get d12s at any decent game store.

The Injurius Games book contains the basic rule set required to play Injurius Games and any of the IG supplements, such as Meck Wars, Space Orx, Spiders, and others. It's a fairly thin book that contains all the rules you need to play IG with Human Gladiators. The basic concept is simple: you contol a squad of 5 Gladiators in the arena against up to 3 other squads of Gladiators. Each match takes up to 1.5 hours or 6 turns. During each match, your squad will (hopefully) rack up Battle Honors, which will be spent to improve your Gladiators, and (we hope not) take casualties, which may become crits that you'll have to either carry into future matches or repair by spending some of your Battle Honors.

Each Gladiator is controlled by a full sheet of stats and upgrade charts. It can be photocopied out of the back of the rulebook, or simply downloaded and printed from our downloads page. The downloads page is probably the best place to get te sheets - the print quality will be better than a photocopy, and any errata will be corrected. The sheet might look complicated until you realize that most of it covers the crits and upgrades a Gladiator can get between matches. Click on the image at right to get an idea how it's laid out.

You control 5 Gladiators: The Squad Leader, the Grunt, the Mini Gunner, the Sniper and the Plasma Gunner. Each Gladiator brings strengths and weaknesses to the squad, and it's up to you to make sure teamwork covers off those weaknesses.

Because this is a miniatures game, you'll be required to make or purchase terrain to play on. You'll need a battle mat to play on, covered by a grid of three-inch squares. Because we hate using measuring tapes in gaming (don't you?), we make use of a grid to count distance and control movement. The standard mat is 16 zones square, and thus takes up four feet by four feet of tabletop space. We tend to use cloth with a grid drwan on with permanent markers, but we have also seen the use of sheets of plywood, plastic or acoustic tile. Anything goes!

You won't want to play on a featureless plain, either, so that means you'll need terrain. This can range from cut-up pieces of garbage cardboard to expensive pre-painted miniatures terrain to anything in between. The image above shows one of our games, with a rubber undercarpet mat spray-painted to for texture, and a combination of resin buildings and home-made cardboard stuff.

In addition to the rules, dice, URSs and terrain, you'll need miniatures. We sell Human Gladiators in 2-squad bags, as well as by the box of 50 (for a much lower individual price). See our Store for prices.

It's always best to have a few extra squads on hand in case an extra friend or two show up to a game unannounced. At right, we have a Minigunner painted by a fan of the game.

The miniatures are plastic, on sprues, and are assembled without glue. You get two of each in a two-squad pack. We recommend you paint them , of course, because no one will be impressed by a squad of unpainted silver plastic Gladiators.

At left, we have the unfortunate remains of a Grunt, hit by multiple Dervish Grenades - but don't worry - we'll put him back together after the match.

Above: The squad as it is played in IG. Each team starts off with the same 5 basic gladiators. As Battle honors are accumulated, each member of the squad will change independently of the others.


Team Sun might have a Sniper with Twin Barrels, High Density Ammo, Jump Jets, Autodoc 2, Martial Arts 1, Eagle Eye and Marksmanship 2.

Team Alpha, on the other hand, might have a Minigunner with Lightened Bolt, Armor Piercing Ammo, Ablative Armor 20, Advanced Protective Armor Class 8, Following Fire, Arcing Fire and Tough Guy.

Team Red Shirts might have a Squad Leader with Jump Jets 12, Upgraded Sword, 2d12 Blaster damage, Close Combateer, Born Leader and Teacher skill.

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