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Welcome to our Injurius Games page.

Here, you'll find a basic description of the game, and several links to related pages, including some fiction set in the New Roman Empire, our huge 3:1 miniatures, and even some fan-painted miniatures!

As always, if you have any comments at all, do not hesitate to contact us!

Command your team of 5 battle-hardened warriors as they fight for Battle Honors against up to three other teams simultaneously. You control 5 Gladiators: The Squad Leader, the Grunt, the Mini Gunner, the Sniper and the Plasma Gunner. Earn rewards as battles are fought, and cash them in for skill increases and equipment upgrades. Make your team better, stronger, faster!

Injurius Games is a squad-based table top miniatures game, with all aspects of the game controlled by the use of miniatures, control sheets and die rolls. The basic rulebook contains all the rules and Unit Record Sheets you'll need to play. In addition to the rules and URSs, you'll need miniatures (see our Store to buy squad packs of 10 gladiators), some d12s, a card deck, some counters (download the decks and cards from our downloads page) and some terrain to play on. Oh yeah: you'll also need one, two or three people to play with.

The game is based on the use of twelve-sided dice for all die rolls. Most attacks are resolved with one or two rolls of the dice. This system is based on the presmise that gamers want realism, but not at the expense of gameplay and fun.

IG Tournaments

Follow this link to see what has happened in the tournaments we have run at various conventions.

3:1 Scale Gladiators

Get a good look at our huge triple scale miniatures. They are so big, we call 'em...


3:1 Mega Melee

When we got a hold of those Big-Atures, you knew we had to use them in a game... this game is designed for the big cons, and we'll be running it this summer!

Squads Painted by Fans

Submit your digital or scanned pics! We'll post them, and you'll become famous.

Don's Tactips

Even the best players can learn something here. These tips will be posted by various individuals, but as the name implies, Don ash is the guy who first came up with the idea!

Injurius Games Q&A

Even our rules, tested and tested and tested, are not perfect. Find clarity on some of our more obscure rules and rulings for IG.

Team Alpha's Story

The complete adventures of Team Alpha. Follow the exploits of Victor, Pal, Venus, Pyro and Merc as they fight their way across the Solar System - and beyond!

Optional rules and Scenarios

Spice up your IG game. Download these cool rules! Some of these optional rules will be made official in upcoming releases. You saw them here first!

3:1 Scale miniatures

These big bad boys are finally here. You won't believe how big they become when they are multiplied by 3 in all dimensions. Simply put, these gladiators are 27 times more massive than the little plastic guys that come 10 in a box.


We will happily respond to all our fans... and detractors! Drop us a line and share your thoughts and opinions! Send us photos of your painted miniatures!

The Store

We sell IG rulebooks and miniatures right here on our website. Get them at our Store! also, check out the other products you can use with Injurius Games, like Meck Wars and Space Orx.

Above: The squad as it is played in IG. Each team starts off with the same 5 basic gladiators. As Battle honors are accumulated, each member of the squad will change independently of the others.


Team Sun might have a Sniper with Twin Barrels, High Density Ammo, Jump Jets, Autodoc 2, Martial Arts 1, Eagle Eye and Marksmanship 2.

Team Alpha, on the other hand, might have a Minigunner with Lightened Bolt, Armor Piercing Ammo, Ablative Armor 20, Advanced Protective Armor Class 8, Following Fire, Arcing Fire and Tough Guy.

Team Red Shirts might have a Squad Leader with Jump Jets 12, Upgraded Sword, 2d12 Blaster damage, Close Combateer, Born Leader and Teacher skill.


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