The Ottawa Red Shirts have been known to put on some of the biggest events ever seen at Gen Con and Origins. This event is physically the biggest we've ever done, with a table 12 feet from edge to edge, with a hole in the middle for the game master.

The game surface duplicates, with some fabrication on our part, the dealer's area at Origins and Gen Con. We're using the biggest miniatures we've ever used, 3:1 scale Injurius Games Gladiators from our Injurius Games line. Each booth is hyper-detailed and is as realistic as possibe. In 1:18th scale, a ten foot booth is reduced to nine inches in width.

We have sent out a call to the companies who have booths at Origins and Gen Con: give us permission, and we'll duplicate your booth to the best of our ability. Check out the photos below of only some of the booths that will be featured in our runnings of this massive event in Columbus and Indy.

If you want us to use your likeness in our game, let us know! There is no cost, no obligation, nothing. Just lots of cool booths in our big game.

Click here to download a PDF document you can fill out and fax to us (or fill out and email to us if you have PDF Writer or Distiller).

The whole Table

Here you see the sheer massive scale of our second hugest production (wait until you see our other, even bigger thing at Origins and Gen Con!).


These are the original red Shirt Games supporters. When all others spurned us, they took us aside and said "smarten up, man!" The year before we got our own booth, we sold our product in theirs, and used their terrain pretty much exclusively.

About 1/2 of all our terrain is made by Armorcast!

Their booth, by the way, is one of only two that were completely made by the vendor - we merely provided a space on our table and Tim and Dave filled it excellently!

Canadian War Museum

All right, get the laughs out. We actually do go to war, you know. You just have to give us a little time, is all. The Canadian War Museum is actually a world-known repository of some of the most interesting war artifacts in existence. Take for example Hitler's staff car, or a rare Komet ME163. The war musuem also hosts miniature war games every Wednesday night for their gaming club.


The Great and Mighty Cthulhu. Call of Cthulhu. Stormbringer. Madness and death since 1975.

Cheapass Games

It's official. Cheapass has earned the title of "keenest company" in terms of buy-in to our crazy idea.

When we contacted them, they not only responded, but they sent us about 5 MB of images to use to create their booth.

They sent us images of all their games, of their posters, even the cut-outs to make tiny little magazine racks, which we did.

Way to go Cheapass!

The Comic Book Shoppe

The Comic Book Shoppe, on Bank Street in Ottawa, carries, yup, comic books, but also has a huge selection of Manga, Anime, figurines and t-shirts.

They also win a prize for "keen-ness" for the ultra-cool booth that they set up themselves, and for the 4 figurines they provided for our autograph signing session. Yes, that's Jar-Jar getting blasted by Team Slosh Beer's Tonerre.

Crazy Egor's Game Emporium

If it exists in used form, Egor probably has it. You can find him at the booth by looking for the irascible man wearing a "troll" name tag. Anger him, and you'll get eaten, or worse.

Dyson Images

Evil Polish Brothers

These crazy guys make some pretty crazy games like Monster Mash and Cthulhu Mash, tile games in which players massacre monsters, and each other. They actually operate their own booth and demo their own games.

Fandom II

Our favorite game store in the heart of Ottawa, Fandom II is the last traditional bastion of gaming goodness. This is pretty much the only store left that carries EVERYTHING to do with gaming. Everything. It's no joke. They even carry our games.

Fantasy Flight Games

Makers of d20 supplements, card games, and The Game of Thrones. If you play the Game of Thrones, either you win, or you die.

Games For The Mind

GFM, a small but quality establishment, had a booth right next to ours at Gen Con 2003. We got along great and here is their booth. Hope to see you this summer, guys!

In the meantime, visit their site and buy Twisted Tongue, the Slums and Screw the Rich, and oh yes, Chobolo.

Goodman Games joined us very shortly before the convention, but we did a pretty good job of setting up their booth. Here are some photos taken by the folks at Goodman Games. Here is a direct link to their site where the photos are posted.

Note the resemblance of our little booth to the real one.

Hex Games

Creators of QUAGS (Quick-A$$ Game System), M-Force, Spooky and Zimberwacks, to name a few.

Holy Rollers

One of our "made up" booths. We're really hoping a real die company will come along and let us put their name on our cool selection of tiny little dice.


Iron Crown Enterprises yet lives! We pretty much filled their booth with Silent Death products, because that's what we love the most. If you go to their website, you'll find lots of other stuff on the go, like Space Master, HARM, etc.

Ken Whitman

Ken Whitman & Associates is a company that represents some of the world's greatest fantasy cover artists.

Can you say Larry Elmore, Jeff Easley, Stephanie Piu-Mun Law , Tim Bradsteet, Ray Lago, Dan Frazier… and many more.

Koplow Games

The Nice Dice Company. We got most of our BIG D12s from Koplow. I also got a HUGE set of dice for D&D, but sadly they still don't roll any better for me than any other dice.

Looney Labs

They are crazy. They are colorful. They make FLUXX, Chrononauts,Ice House, Aquarius and dozens of other card games.

Manga/Anime Booth

A generic booth - there are several Manga/Anime booths at the cons every year, so I had to make one up.

Mayfair Games

Settlers of Catan. Seafarers of Catan. Cities and Knights. Starfarers. Settlers of Caanan. Two-player versions. Children of Catan. Everything by Klaus Teuber.

If you want a boardgame with endless replay value, get Settlers of Catan. Stop what you are doing, go to the Mayfair website, and GET THE GAME!

Jolly Roger Games

This company was one of the first to join our crusade, er, our privateer campaign, er, you get the idea. Only Jolly Roger Games makes the acclaimed WarHamster! Arrr! Arrgg! Arrr Matey!

Reaper Miniatures

Pretty much the standard bearer for quality pewter miniatures. We love the plastic stuff, but you can't do better than pewter from a good forge to get superb quality. Reaper is one of the Good Guys. Check out their Greens section for upcoming minis, or their Painted Minis section for some jaw-dropping paintjobs.

Red Shirt Games

Well, of course we're here too! Here are some pics of our site, including Chainmail Girl who was hanging around for a moment. Can you tell which is the picture of our actual booth?

Yes, we're THAT good. Heh-heh.


The Swordmark company was the first booth we made, the picture of which was posted on Origin's website. You want a sword, a knife, a Bathlett, a rapier, battleaxe, Glamdring, Anduril, Sting, etc, they got it all.

Troll And Toad

A Magic: the Gathering superstore - and lots of other collectible card games, too!

Valar Project

Publishers of the hot-selling, infamous Book of Erotic Fantasy. Their booth was mobbed by hordes of men (and women) eager to meet the booth babes and to get their hands on a preview of the BoEF. Calye the Chainmail Girl was one of said Babes. You can see me below, worshipping the ground she walks on.


wizkids is a big company that has not forgotten its roots. They were very enthusiastic when they saw what we were doing, and wholeheartedly jumped into the project.

To purchase these resin miniatures, go to our Store.

To see our painted 3:1 squads, go here.


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