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Origins 2001 - General Glen's Combat rules for Toy Soldiers

WWII Russian Front

We ran two games of Gen Glen; one in a chemical factory, where a dozen Germans were trying to recapture an underground chemical storage tank to use to make fuel for a V2 rocket, and the second in a Polish village, where a dozen Soviets were attempting to kill a German general who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Overhead view of the map. The Germans are at right, and the Soviets are mostly holed up in the two story building. The Germans must win by having, at the end of any turn, more warm bodies inside the compound than there are Soviets.

In this pic, the Germans (with black bases) are trying to flank the Sovs by going around to the left.

This did not work, as the Soviet sniper in the building (you can just see the red on his base through the second story window) shot most of those guys.

Here is a shot from the roof top DP light machine gun position. That gun pretty much chewed up the entire German force from that position. The Germans only ever got off a couple of bursts of fire into its position.

Another view of the Soviet Degtiarev Pekotniy LMG as it peppered the poor German boys on the bridge. All terrain, by the way, was provided by Armorcast - great terrain at a great price! Visit Armorcast's website today!

Small Town Blues. It's poland, very late in the war, and the Soviets know the Germans have a high ranking general in their midst - victim of a plane crash. Can the Soviets get him before he gets out?

The Soviets come soo close -but nope. The German MMG in the ruined building at right purees the Soviets big time.


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