Red Shirt Games visited some interesting places in 2007... see below for some pictorial evidence.

origins 2007

We came. We saw. We gamed. Now must rest until next Summer.

Friends and Red Shirts

Michel Smith

Derek Flowers

Chris Skuce

Rob Wielgosjynski

Derek Again

Tye Geimer

Fred Paul

Amberly Rogers and Derek Again

Ed Senzig

Jake Jakubowski

Amberly Again

Ben Ash

Rob Again

Michel (getting his arse kicked at the WOD)

2007 Injurius Games Tournament

Alan Rogers Wins the Origins Injurius Games Tournament! Note Richard on the right. Usually behind the camera. Sorry about that.

Above left: Injurius Games Special Mentions to Don Ash, Amberly Rogers, Kyle Mathis and Kristen Allen.

Above: Squad Leaders duke it out.

Below: When have you ever seen 6 power-ups on the table at one time?

The Trophy.

Be warned! Next year, it's going to be different. We're going to run qualifiers all week-end, with finals Sat night or Sunday morning. We'll be running Injurius Games and D12 Fantasy tournaments.

Be the first to take home the D12F Blazon Trophy!

Real Estate

Convention hall, the booth, some buildings

Wrapping the skid looks like fun, but the roll of cling tape uses the power of friction to light your hands on fire after about 2 and a half turns around the skid. Thanks Scott!

Yup, Richard looks like a dork mostly when babes are touching him. Jessica said I smelled good! On Sunday of a 4 day con! That's, like, unheard of at a gaming con. Durhh.

D12 Fantasy Skirmish
Smaller map board. Expanded and revised D12 rules. 4 factions to choose from. Beautiful pewter miniatures. What are you waiting for! Play D12F today! Visit our Store to order.
Silent Death - Astrosmash and WOD 200

Scott MacNeill, our Silent Death support. Note CJ Suchtya closest on the left. He runs games for us too!

Injurius Games - Keep What You Kill

We ran Injurius Games Keep What You Kill for the last time at Origins... from now on, we'll be running the Meck Keep What You Kill. No worries, we ran it at Gen Con with good results.

The Keep What You Kill is a 12 player team event where each player pits his or her 5 Gladiators (or Mecks!) against the other side. Each kill earns the player a free miniature of the type killed, to be picked up at our booth.


Our terrain is an eclectic mix of home-made, resin kits, plaster terrain and just plain junk. We think it looks pretty good. Plays well too!

The Death Balls (above, above left, and below) were only used as terrain in this scenario. They are for use with Reaction Marines, a supplement for Injurius Games.

General Glen's

General Glen's World War II Skirmish took us to the Russian Steppe this year, where Germans and Russians fought it out over a village full of Nebelwerfer rocket launchers.

The miniatures and terrain all came in a playset sold by Toy Soldiers of San Diego called The Road To Stalingrad. You get everything you see in the pics, minus 2 buildings and all of the trees, for a couple hundred dollars. The figs don't come painted, but I only used about half in this scenario. The buildings are made of injected foam and are painted.

The rules we used were General Glen's Combat Rules for Toy Soldiers (Second Edition), for sale in our Store.

Next year... vehicles. Lots of vehicles.

D&D Miniatures Monster Mash
We had lots of fun running this 24 person scenario, although we didn't have a 24 player game until Gen Con. But it's getting bigger every year! Look for the new D&D miniatures rules for next year!
OPG (Other People's Games)

Above... Some sort of giant fort attack. Huge table, hyper-realistic terrain, thousands of well-painted screaming attackers.

Above and left: Mos Eisley Adventures. Skirmish combat in this well known Star Wars location.

Above and right: Pirates versus navy.

Below: Blue Max planes dominate the WW1 skies.

Below: Mysterious Island, with a break-away dungeon. As adventurers work their way into the dungeon, levels are moved to reveal more cool detail.
Below: beautiful pirate ships, hand-made out of clay, wood, rope and cloth. Amazing.

Above and right: Pulp adventures in the swamps and jungles.

Beauty (all the booth babes together)
Origins did not have a lot of costumed beauties this year... but almost all of those we saw were at a booth right next door to ours. Their concern was called Dark Angels, and they sold fantasy artwork and photos of themselves. Beautiful.

This beauty was seen working at a miniatures booth down the way... so I snapped the picture.

Jessica and Carey Liz make Michel look good.

Jessica and Carey Liz make me look like a dork, as usual.


Gen Con 2007

The biggest con of the summer.

Michel and Sabrina in their new van!

Our booth. Michel is so proud.

Michel and Sabrina.

This would be in the babe section, but Michel is in the picture.

Richard working about as hard as he ever will that week-end.

Our booth from about 300 feet away.

View from our booth.

Crowd scene in the exhibitor hall.

The Games area. So Gen Con apparently decided that it didn't make sense for all of the small games to be run in one big room. Rather, D&D took up all of the space in the Sagamore Ballroom, forcing everyone else to camp in the corridors around the Sagamore Ballroom. So all of our games ran in this sort of hallway area.

At first, we were peeved. In the end, however, it turned out to be nice to game with the sun shining on our pasty white skin, but some gamers (as you'll see later) had to wear sunglasses to play in our games.

David Narbaitz.

David McNamee.

Sabrina showing a family how to play D12 Fantasy.

"Ok, so you've poisoned your sister!"

Derek Flowers.

Derek Flowers.

Devin Murphy.

Our awesome Deathball Meck. Buy it in our Store!

Dum-Dum! Give me Gum-Gum!

Our annual favorite Silent Death 3:1 Astrosmash!

Red Shirt Games has the largest remaining collection of 3:1 scale Silent Death miniatures in the world, and we don't believe in keeping them hidden away.

Come play with our miniatures in this awesomely fun scenario!

Silent Death Red Shirt Smash.

The Injurius Games Tournament.

Trophy at left, final match above.

Fairy Babe.

Conan Babe.

Goth Fairy Babe.

Pirate Babe.

More Pirate Babe.

Panda Babe. She was a tiger last year.

Mike: "I refuse to eat the junk at Mcdonald's. Let's go to Wendy's."

Devin: "Choke. Oh, obviously."

Mike: "You're dead."

Pirate Babes. With a miniature gorilla.

Jake and Ben Jakubowski.

Derek Flowers takes leave of his senses.

Daniel and Narbaitz - who is the student, and who is the master?

The D&D Monster Mash.

We had some record games at Gen Con for this event. Showed above, our first 24 player game.

Also, the tallest player ever in the Monster Mash - in the picture above, note Devin standing on a chair next to that guy in the white shirt.

Can you say basketball scolarship?


Gen Glen. The boildings and soldiers were from the Road to Stalingrad playset produced by TSSD (Toy Soldiers of San Diego).

In the morning, players had to wear shades to avoid permanent blindness.

TSSD toy soldiers - very nicely cast Soviets.

TSSD toy soldiers - very nicely cast Germans.

Gen Glen was very well attended this year - every session ran, and most had 6-8 players.

We'll be back next year for sure.


The Hyatt in downtown Indianapolis.

The source of heat for the RCA Dome and other buildings in the area. I shudder to think how much fuel they have to burn to keep that place warm.

Ahh, young Padawan. Were you a Jedi, Devin would be in 7 pieces.


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