The Merc Grunnar Smithsson saw a Shield Krieger to the left, a Karabiner to the right, and a Dwarf Mutant right in front of him. The Sorceress Hialda shrieked for him to attack... as if he had any other intention. He dimly noted the hiss of bolts as they thudded into the Mutant's stomach and bellowed his rage as he closed the gap to the monster, swinging his father's long blade at its exposed legs. He didn't much like these Dark Elves he worked for, but he so loved his work. The Mutant's huge mace swung around and smashed into Grunnar's shield, scraping along the metal edge and continuing on to snatch his iron helmet from his head. Grunnar's braids whipped around as he swung his sword again and again, Mutant blood spraying from its keen edge as it found chinks in the monster's armored skin. Through the red haze obscuring his vision, he saw a Shield Krieger moving against him, only to be buried screaming in a carpet of furry brown spiders. The spiked mace came down again, this time smashing into Grunnar's shoulder. He vaguely felt the clavicle snapping but it was only his shield arm. Froth bubbled in his mouth as he swung the family heirloom again and again, feeling the jar of impact up into his good shoulder. "For the North!" he screamed, and swung his sword around one last time. The brute swayed, then fell sideways, smashing into the ground to lie next to the fallen Shield Krieger.

Welcome to Red Shirt Games' D12 Fantasy Skirmish page.

D12 Fantasy continues our line of fun and easy-to-learn Injurius Games rules into the realm of Fantasy skirmish battles. Like all of our previous offerings, D12 Fantasy is a fully playtested, fun, family friendly skirmish game for 2 or more players, 10 to adult. You can purchase D12 Fantasy from Red Shirt Games' online Store, or from your local Friendly Game Store (if they don't carry our products... you know what to tell them).

D12F has two 80-page core rule books - each one contains all the rules you need to play, but outlines two of the four main races in the D12F universe: Dwarves and Dark Elves, or Zanemarati and Dragon People. So you don't need both books to play, but if you want to play all four races, someone in your gaming group should pick up the book you don't already have.

D12F introduces 4 races, plus Spiders and Mercs. These are represented on the playing surface by pewter miniatures masterfully crafted by RAFM, and used with their permission. The miniatures, like the books, can be purchased at our Store, or from local game stores... you know the drill. Various other components can be downloaded from out Download page, or purchased from us pre-printed and in higher quality. The Unit Record Sheets (to keep track of your Characters' progress) are also downloadable.

This is the first game for which you can order everything you need to play from Red Shirt Games... we now offer the tiles to play on, dice, counters, the rule books, and the miniatures, all together or separately. Check out the Store.

The D12 Fantasy universe is rich, growing, and will be supported online. Check out the Continent, which is where all of the action takes place. We are working on a role-playing game based on the D12 Fantasy combat rules - let us know what you think of it!

What is the d12 system, you ask? It is a simple, reality-based method to determine the outcome of actions taken in situations where such an outcome is very much in doubt. Each action taken by a Character (that's one miniature) has a Target Number. Roll 1d12 and equal or exceed that number, and you've succeeded. Succeed by a large margin, and your success will be greater. When a Character gets hit, it gets one or more Saves - roll 1d12 less than or equal to the save Target Number, and the attack bounced off. D12s are available at any gaming store, or online at... you guessed it... our Store.

Why two core books? We decided that we wanted four races in our initial offering, and the printing method we use doesn't allow books thicker than 80 pages... so we could not fit everything into one book. We didn't want to print one core book with no races, or just two races, then an expansion book with two more races. So we put all the rules into each book, with the second half of each book devoted to the races being explored within.

The D12 System rules have evolved since the first printing of General Glen's Combat Rules for Toy Soldiers WW2 - the first D12 book - and these books show it. The game system has been streamlined and improved, and with merciless playtesting the various Characters have been trimmed and cleaned up until we felt they were ready to be released in these books.

There are no blasters and powered armor in this game, but there are crossbows, bows, leather armor and chainmail... and magic. Each race has access to at least one spell caster / Leader, and woe to the party that eschews its inclusion! New to the D12 system is party creation - each group of characters will vary from player to player, and from game to game. You can choose to include whomever you want into your party - what is the best combination? Lots of muscle? More magic power? Multiple Leaders? A Merc? You get to decide.


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