2003 Origins Photos... enjoy.
Here is a photo of our booth. This is our first ever booth, and I think we did it pretty well. The game table sides fold up and the peg board screws onto it to make a lid. The display case is an old chest of drawers with a box and glass lid on top.

Our annual Origins Injurius Games tournament... click on the thumbnails to view the full photo. This tournament would not have been possible without the able organizational skilz of Derek Flowers, pictured below, on the right.

Michel handing off the trophy (Made by him!)

Kyle Mathis receives the trophy.

Derek Flowers

Booth Babes

Our annual fix... check out the ladies we have captured this year.

What can I say. I always open with a bang, and this is my annual favorite convention photo subject, Calye the Chainmail Girl. She was working the Flying Bufflao booth when I caught her, and she will be at Valar Project's booth at Gen Con.

A couple of girls walked by while I was waiting to buy a generic ticket. The one on the left works at the Edhellen Armoury booth. The one on the right looks like she would rather be anywhere else but at the con.

This girl would walk around the exhibit hall and draw men (like me) right to her booth. Edhellen Armoury is a company that makes foam LARPing weapons and armor. Whack! You just took 6 points of damage.

Unidentified babe. This charming girl was walking around the exhibitors hall on Sunday.

Humena Humena. This pretty woman is running a new d20 company called Pixie Dust Games. If Tami's game looks as good as she does, they might sell a few copies.

This non-thong-challenged lady was manning the Pandahead booth. They produce the X-Crawl game.

Last but not least. Calye turns to leave. End of photo show.



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